Pentaerythritol micronized

Pentaerythritol in micronized form is a white fine powder and is used primarily as a raw material for the production of fire protection coatings and paints.

Fire protection colors are colors with added flame retardants. Such paints are mainly used in commercial sectors - in private sector it is used extremely rare. In accordance with the legal requirements certain areas including fire stairs must be protected against fire.

With the help of a flame retardant, the fire-protection is guaranteed. The most well-known flame retardants include, in particular, halogenated organic phosphorus compounds.

Chemical name: 2,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)1,3-propandiol


Chemical formula: C5H12O4


Packaging: Bigbags 500 kg und 1.000 kg, Säcke 25kg

Specification Pentaerythritol higher qua
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