The product is used in production of synthetic lubricants, PVC stabilizers, alkyd resins and fireproof coatings.



Multiwall moisture-proof paper bags net weight 25 kg.

Big Bags (FIBC) net weight 500 – 1000 kg.


Transportation and storage

The product is transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules of goods carriage, valid for this mode of transport. The product is transported in closed transport facilities. The product is stored in closed well ventilated warehouses protecting the product from atmospheric precipitates, on pallets at the height of no less than 5 cm from the floor and at a distance of no less than 1 m from the heating units. The product is allowed to store packed in containers at open area under cover or without it, with additional protection from direct sunlight, on pallets at the height of no less than 5 cm from the ground.


Manufacture guaranty

Guaranty period of storage to be 2 years from the manufacturing date, provided that all transportation and shipment rules are observed.

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