Material Area Of Application

Т-10-14,Т-10 P,Т-10/2-14

Т-11, Т-11-GVS-9,

T-13P, Т-11P, Т11P-GVS-9


It is suitable for the production of glass fiber fabrics and related products.

Production of waterproofing, water lines and civil engineering structures in a wide range of climate conditions

Roving: ТR-0,3/2-30А, ТR-0,7-30А,

Rovistan-30А, TRSHP-0,7-30А,

TR-560, TR-720, TRK-600

These materials are suitable for use in various industries: in the manufacture of building elements, decorative elements for cars, yachts, boats.

They are used in the production of composite products as well.

Hohlfaserstoffe:  T-15P-76, Т-24P,

Т-45P-76, Т-300P-76

They are used in the aircraft industry for the production of lightweight glass fiber fabrics.

TG-200, TG-300, TG-430, TG-530,

TG-600, TG-660, TG-800 ЕТ-700, ЕТ-1100.


They are used in the field of mechanical engineering and for the production of lightweight composite materials.

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