Area of use

SS-50, SSP-50

SS Dor-330(200)

SSSH-120, SSSH-145, SSSH-160

It is suitable for the interior finishing (reinforcement of walls, ceilings) and various construction purposes.

RATL-210(100), RATL-190(100)

RATL-120(100), RATL-160(100)

The basis for the production of deposited roll roofing materials.

ТСР-160(100,110), ТСР-120(100),

ТСР-230(100), ТСР-260(100),

ТСР-90(100), ТСР-110(100), ТСР-140(100)

This material serves as a thermal insulation, for the manufacture of rolling glass fibers and roll roofing materials.

SPA 70,80,100,150,170,260

SPAP-100,120,150, 220, 250,370

This material is used for the reinforcement of the material of grinding discs.

RST-420L, RST-420Х, RST-250L,

RST-250Х, RST-140L

This material is used for thermal insulation in both the exterior as well as indoors.

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